Fame Systems | WHY HEAT PROTECT?
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You ready yourself to want to glide your straightener through your hair to get that same smooth result your stylist gives you whenever you visit the salon. You start working the straightener through the hair, okay, no wow factor as yet, but maybe after the second glide, you go again, still not happy with the result and you go again, by now you’ve become aware of this vague burning smell. You stop smell the straightener…but no nothing. You continue on… but still smelling that faint burning smell. You finish your straightening service and look in the mirror, okay looks good (not as good as when your stylist does it, but still better than when you just blow-dry it) you go to bed because tomorrow morning you’re just going to do some touch up straightening before you go to work.

A week has passed you’re now sticking to your newly found routine with your straightener. You and your best pall go shopping, trying on outfit and checking it in the mirror. Hey but your girlfriend’s hair looks so much shiner than yours in the mirror…you look intensely and realise your locks looks dry and brittle. “Can it be that my straightening routine is not so good after all?” But your friend straightens her hair why is hers still shiny?…

Stylist Tip #1
“You won’t touch a hot oven without oven gloves, so why should your hair?”
– Jennifer Chatburn celebrity stylist and ghd educator

Your hair is made up of hydrated amino acids (protein) bonds, which is just like thinking of your hair as handmade solid wood furniture, if you put something hot on it, it will cause a black stain on the wood that you can’t get out. But if you treated the wood with a protective layer, then hot items will not cause as much harm as when the wood is untreated, similarly with hair. You can straighten your hair, but use a heat protector to protect against unnecessary scorching of the hair. Using a good heat protectant like ghd’s “Heat protective spray” will not only protect your hair but also make the style last longer with the most confident bringing smell to make you feel as if you’re getting a salon straightening service.

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